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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Psycho Killer

aku dah bunuh david archuleta. ku potong palaknya jadi patung weh. :P haha. hati hati ngn aku. (psycho da jak =.=)

A pair of perfect hands,
Neither sweating nor trembling,
Criss-crossed behind a gentle smile,
Is a hidden, dangerous personna.

When you are most relaxed,
I would, without any feelings,
Do the deed, never looking back.

In the beginning, you will feel,
No pain, no pain at all.
Viewed through your enlarged pupils, it is just like a dream.

The false sense of happiness,
Is very warm, and very accomodating
Perhaps you are even looking forward to this.

This is a life-destroying impulse.
You do not know, nor do I,
The reason that killers exist.
Because love, is an unknown future.

I feel relaxed,
When I'm more than 300m away from you.

Do not be, do not be, do not be afraid.

Counting my heartbeat, I wait,
Discarding all thoughts.
Locking in, in,
This beautiful tragedy.
This is love, this must be love,
But of the whole world no one else understands.

What is this? This is life, and this is death.

I feel an unbearable hunger;
I need you to fill the emptiness in me.
Locking in, in,
This beautiful tragedy.
This is love, this must be love,
Only you would understand.

tell me why.. why i must jadi killer? haha. alice, tlah mengeINFLUENCE kan aku. HAHA. aku xtauk ah. ku tiba-tiba jadi psycho smacam

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