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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my pra pmr result

finally, i've got all my papers. and result amat mengecewakan. memang la still pra pmr 1, tau la, kecewa kecewa, tapi still tak puas hati.

BI - 80 A
BM - 69 B
MT - 72 B
KHB - 72 B
PI - 80 A
SEJ - 76 B
GEO - 75 B
SCN - 61 C

see? kalau fatin tak belajar last minute, mesti result 6A 2B gitu. B fatin banyak yang nak sikit lagi A. hayyo, careless mistakes je banyak.

well, 2A 5B 1C? fatin target for the next trial, 5A or 6A. i know i can do it if i wasn't study last minute.

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