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Thursday, November 19, 2009

truly admirer

lemme use full english okay? even my english is extemely broken huh since my parents had said " learn to speak full english even your bi is broken. just try." haha. then i answered, i'm afraid ppl will be commenting me don't be too sillyyy to use your broken bi too embarassing. " then my parents said, don' care bout other ppl as we can't close their mouth shut. be yourself." okayyyyyy la, HAHA.but you know, i do not even like using english heh. sriously. huh. that's why my english went down to 73. wth? hakktuik!

ermmmmm, here's the storyy... i admire someone since last weeks. & & dont think too complicate okay. i'm just ADMIRE not the love something like that. i'm not ready for loving a BOY & build a relationship nahh. tooo young. HAHA. better you have a boy friend but FRIENDLY HAHA. please translate that to bm, you won't understnd what i'm trying to say . haha. in my very opinion, i want a boy friend but friendly than having a boyfriend coz having a boyfriend means including too much loveee and can causes you influenced on the bad things like you didn't studyyyy and etc and wasting ur time with dating huh jerk, it's my opinion okay. :) rilex. HAHA. but having a boy friend but friendly is better fr me. IT'S NOT A BESTFRIEND'S TYPE. BUT FRIENDLY TYPE. not involving too much loveeee . that's why i like having a boy friend but friendly.

soo, yeah continue to my story, i admire someone errrrr, i wouldn't tell you his name okay. i called him SHINEE! HAHA! just raja nurul hanani knew who's the SHINEE. :) i met him at spring last saturday on not purposely. i went to my dad's car at 8 oclock then i saw him walked with his dudes at the entrance. i was like, woohhhhh youu! deep in my heart said like that =.= then i just stared him HAHA . i remember my mom said, " boys will attract to you if you stare at them " thenn HAHA, i'm not as flirty as like that la mama ;D and on sunday's evening he ws suddenly first time chatted with me in fb. HAHA. i was like, wooohhhhhhhoooo excited okay? coz he didn't say any HI words to me since he added me. then, i yippie woohhhh, he asked me where i'm staying, school and so on. hell, he asked for my num but unfortunately ohhh STUPID i didnt give him my NUMBER! what the fuckin' hell with me?!! i hate you fatin!! huhhhhh. and he said, ohh nvm. maybe you still uncomfortable with me. okay then. and i... AWWW, sweet. huh. =.= then, he OFFLINE. & my hell tears idk whyyyyyy came out. wooohhhh. stupidd. and until now, i still don't see if he's online ;( pity.

then 2 hours ago, chatted with hani. i told her who he is. than, hani was like laughed & laughed & laughed as she tired guessing who's SHINEE :) haha. she said, " shinee? korean groups aite? what are you trying to relate the korean with the shinee meh?" haha, then i gave another cluee, SHINEEE is nearly to syeni. HAHA. then, she tried to figure it out. there she was. ;D she had guessed the right SYENI. haha. well, just hani knw this. sory ppl. :)

as a matter of fact, i'm not truly in love but truly ADMIRER :) thnk you.
HE don't know, No one’s ever admired anyone as much as I admire him in silence HAHA.

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