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Sunday, November 22, 2009


hello? frustrated mood actually but i wanna share all of you the reason whyy. as u knw, i admire this boy. then, i told who is he to my ex or now he's being my bro then my bro called that boy who's i admire. but the boy that i admire.. erhhhhh, well, call him mr.X .

continue to my storyy. mr x knw my num as i've gave to him but yeah, he didn't msg me nyway. so, i was like duhhhh where are you where are you & i felttt anxiety eh & i waited him over 3 days to online but he never appeared. :( then thats why i asked my bro to do me a favor then he called mr.x..

bro : hey, can you give fatin your num?
mr.x : err, some day? coz i'm on the way flirting a girl. but yeah i dun care if you give my num to fatin. if she doesn't want my num, it's okay. it's up to her.

:( i hate you mr. x you have broken my heart.

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