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Monday, January 19, 2009

goodbye dearrr

I started to realize how the day’s going too fast without I expected. I didn’t believe I ws 13 yr old apatah lagik I’m 14. Well, life must go on. now, schooling at kolej. I ever thought bukannya sng nk challenge student there. But nw I tink.. we must hve an EFFORT.sigek jak. Sure, it’ll achieve excellent!:) I wont forget my first war at all.:DD aimi. I dunno wat the cause we fought. But, the one thing I know bout her, she’s a gud gurl n friendly.dun mess up wif her.ya jak:DD I’m all laughed out bout my secret admirer dolok. ISMAIL. Lucu da. when I met him in everywhere, sure the one blokk will hear my screammmmm. Hahahahah. n I wass sorry at him coz I liked him. Hahah. Its weird.:P n i regretted coz I’ve been deleted my old fs.the real story is my old fs knak sabotaj cdak f2.mybe la. Most my fwenz pdh gia. I’m really happy to meet the amazing humans in TOPAZ. They UNIQUE, WEIRD, CRAZY, GENIUS, NOISE, HAPPY n FUNNY. Luv u all.:) now, i’m not too active than my gloryglory 2007.:( i’ve took part for 3000m jln kaki. yobihh. gilaaaa. firstly, i wanna take high jump but my sir dunno la..his eyes kreekk kit li. alu 3000m kumbikk.:PP last2 ku escaped the event. hahah. & i oso took part in debatee wif not purposely. ngenang umah perdana. nvm, i try la tek. untill noww i didnt believe i could be the best speaker! i thought it was syaki. duhh. syaki n azib they r very much appreciated! they helped me to prepare the point. tq. now in my minddd.,”uuu sakit! ktk pdh sejuk tp panas.ktk bujat! pembulak!” hahah. izni’s motto i but not for her. hahah. mizul alwayss kacoo izni pkee ayat ya. perei ku tetak.hahah. well, mizul is a great boyy n luv doing stupidd jokessss. hahah. ur lifee wont complete without FRUST. i ws frustrated when my geografi failed! ouh no! criedddddd out! fainted eh. then my friends givee semangatt pke kmk. tq u all.syggg kammmuuu orangggg. tat time i’d a bf. acu the name. he called me the time afterr sy nangis. hazmiraaaa jak punn kejaaaa. hahah. well now.. we dunno wat will happen next n i’d breeakk ngnnya coz yea. the secret thing.sorry. n i couldnt believee he’s now my BITCH.urgghh. aku xda carik musuh ngnnya. that time i met someone spesial named haziq shibli. n then acu told him tat ziq must takee caree of me n be my bf. at the same time, lucky me! ziq ada feeling ngn akuuu duhal.ngeh2. butt.. everytinkk hv been changed.:(( i wass sickk of cryinggg until i demam. 3days 2 nights coz haziqq still luvs hiss ex. uhuk2.:”( 2 weeks laterr…. i found someone neww. hahah. kuu tokk the wholee year i wont singlee. hahahahah. smpee acu mdh sy tokk playgurl. makin ku sakkk tii.. i kneww he was frustrated coz nya xpat aku balit. the one thing i SAKIT ATI when he said,” mudahan idup ktk x aman dunia & aherat.” sabar jaklah. ku aok2 jak. dah ya 3 days later, mok mintak kapel balit ngn aku. BODOOOOOO! dah nama bodoo. bodo lah ya. xpnde fikir… dh la anokk akuu..pas ya ada hati mok mintak kapel. dah la xmintak maapp. bodo. ska ati ko tekk… ku dpt bykk sin gara2 ku cursee kau. gikk ko. i told u juz now, i’ve a bf. isperifazali.:) soo simplee n unique name. he’s sooo romanticc gileeerr. hard to explain:)) well, he fell in luv wif me masaa 5 disember.. n tat timee i blomm ada anyy feeling ngnnya. my heart still kt haziq. i try la tekk ngn isperifazali.. 1 week dak ya bokk lah in luv. hehe. well, i wish our relationshipp will be forever.. u noe wat, he’s my first love. acu, haziq n other boys are my lerrppp besa2. tedahh. hehe. i’ll cry if he cant go out wif me. n sacrificee everytinkk n doo whatever it takes.hehe. i pernah stay up late smpee 6pg gara2 burn disc si isperifazali. waaaa.:DDD see???:) ilovehim. ngeh2. n da nite beforee new year, i celebrated barbeque wiff my dearest famss.:)) bestttt.:DDD weell, too many incidentt yg berlaku spnjang 2008. sukadukagembira suma da. really sadd cozz tpksaaa i tinggalkan 2008. GOODBYE MY DEAR 2008.. HYE 2009! wish me hv a great year wif full happiness, 2009!:))

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