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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


the legend of the king mizul's story (broken english version...hasil drpd mek record sora mizul..)
one day,king mizul walked walked,
when he see up,he saw a very fat gurl named nadia.
she sees her fat.she said ayoyo..
suddenly,nadia get up n run..
the king very bodoh..
n then the king walked2 again.
suddenly,the king sad again.
he see a stall bcoz he want 2 buy a thing,
when he see up,he saw AMILA BINTI TALIB..
he said,"wow,why i cannot see u juz now?
then amila said,"i'm magic"
then amila dissappeared like a ghost..
a crazy ghost..
n then king walked2 again..
he saw an aeroplane coming..
when the door of aeroplane open,
he saw a bangladesh..ayoyo..
when the bangladesh walked2 reached in indian london,
he says ayoyo..britney spears..
then,when he close his eyes..
then he say,"uuu...sakit!!"after he say that
then,he go to his house
when he opens his eyes,he saw a giant named sofea.
he was afraid to see the giant.
the giant said.."arrrgghhhhh!!"
then the giant go to the kolej datu patinggi abg hj abdillah,
suddenly,the king said oh my god..
then the king took a knife n killed himself
but the king is very smart..
he didn't kill himself...
then he say,"uuu...sakit!!"
then the king said..THE END..

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